Вторая жизнь старых вещей: 10 примеров, как можно улучшить одежду

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            Вторая жизнь старых вещей: 10 примеров, как можно улучшить одежду

Из странных платьев в стильные летние вещи.

В нашем Telegram‑канале вы найдёте новости о кино, технологиях, скидках и всём том, что интересно читать нам самим. Подписывайтесь, чтобы ничего не пропустить.

Во время карантина американка Кейтлин Трантэм нашла время для хобби, которым давно интересовалась — перешивки одежды. Для этого она покупает недорогие вещи в секонд-хендах, зачастую неподходящего размера, и превращает их в стильные наряды. Вот лишь несколько примеров таких трансформаций.

1. Эта работа отняла много времени, но разница налицо.

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This print had got me feeling all the tropical vibes 😍🌴🌺 This makeover was way harder than I expected. I had to do a lot of creative cutting and piecing to get everything in place 😂 I used the So Classic Sundress pattern from Patterns for Pirates, and modified it to fit the elements already on the original dress! ❤️

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2. Обычное трикотажное платье превратилось в стильный сарафан… с карманами!

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Used the Hepburn pattern from Patterns 4 Pirates to restyle this Lularoe Ana dress! I cut the back of the bodice from the back of the original bodice, and then cut the front from the upper part of the skirt. I added pockets and I’m IN LOVE! 🥰

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3. Одна из любимых трансформаций самой Кейтлин — винтажное платье 80-х. Это была сложная работа, но результат того стоит.

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I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH! Maybe it’s just because there was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears involved 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ This 80s beast had so many layers, fabric that frayed and shoulder pads… PLUS bonus stiff ruffled fabric in the shoulders. (Because God forbid the shoulder pads didn’t give enough volume 😑) I had a lot of issues fitting the bodice, and had to make some fancy seams to get it right! The bows on the shoulder and made from the ties that were in the back. I thought they really softened the silhouette, and added to the sweet vibe of the rose embroidery! Also- I’m actually getting decent at putting in a zipper. BIG STRIDES GUYS! 😂

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4. Немного терпения — и ромпер готов.

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Long dress to romper! 😍 Trying to do projects on the road is… challenging. And did ya’ll know making a romper isn’t as easy as Pinterest makes it look!? I totally just winged this one, and learned a lot for next time! 🤣🥴

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5. Слишком большое платье из секонд-хенда превратилось в летний сарафан.

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This dress was new with tags 😂 (I wonder why? LOL) from Goodwill, and I was able to turn it into this super cute sun dress! ❤️ The pattern is McCall’s/ Gertie B6453. I actually downloaded it from the McCall’s website and followed her blog for step by step instructions. I reused the trim on the neckline, and added the bow! ❤️

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6. Юбка за 3 доллара превратилась в летний комплект — без потери длины.

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I got this skirt for $3- but there was no top to be found. After lots and lots of thinking, planning and pattern drafting I was able to make it a full dress! WITHOUT LOOSING ALL THE LENGTH! 🤯🙌🏻 (Being short came in handy for this one 🤣) I was inspired by a dress @taylorswift wore to the Golden Globes. It was completely backless, and I couldn’t find a similar pattern. I almost gave up and did a different bodice all together, but I’m so glad I didn’t! 😍

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7. Изменились лишь рукава и цвет — но платье уже выглядит совершенно по-другому.

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I’m in love with this dress! 😍 I tried dip dyeing for the first time with this dress from @rentadress.rad and it turned out so cool! As soon as we got to the beach, the waves got me, and that’s why the bottom is so much darker 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ I posted the process over on my TikTok, and I’ll post it on my stories here! The sleeves and cape are all one piece of chiffon. It’s 2 yards, and was only around $5. I used one bottle of RIT synthetic dye, and that was only $4! My girls helped me dye and beach pic credit goes to Eden 😂❤️

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8. Настоящая трансформация стилей: из 80-х в 50-е.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s my 80s bridesmaid dress turned perfect pink 50s party dress 🥰❤️💕 I hope some of you were able to watch my stories and see this come to life! This dress is made from acetate, and it’s basically like sewing with a plastic table cloth from the dollar store. 🤣 There was a lot of drama. Things that should have been easy became insanely hard, because the fabric rips easily, can not be ironed, has no stretch and is slippery! I started by dismantling the entire dress with a seam ripper. The collar on top was sewn into the top seam of the bodice, so it all had to come a part. I made the straps from pieces I cut off the skirt. I re-used the collar and the bow (thanks for voting on that one guys!) on the waist, and that’s all hand sewn. I TOOK OUT AND PUT IN A ZIPPER. Ahahaha that’s big time for me! It turned out exactly how I pictured it when I tried it on at goodwill. 😭🙌🏻 Now someone invite me somewhere fancy! 🤣 Again, thanks for all the encouragement and participation on my stories, it helped me not give up on her!

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9. Минус подол — плюс накидка.

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This was such an easy and fun makeover! Quick and satisfying 😍😂🙌🏻 I got a big 60s baddie vibe from the blue floral lace. I knew I could make a cool date night dress! I took off the neck piece and saved that beauty for later ❤️ Then I chopped off the bottom and used that material for spaghetti straps and a shawl 😍 (The original dress is from @rentadress.rad !)

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10. А это отличное доказательство, что для улучшения одежды не всегда нужны продвинутые навыки шитья: иногда достаточно всего лишь заменить пуговицы и добавить пояс.

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Ya’ll know I love an old lady floral. 🤣🙌🏻 This was a quick flip- cut out the v waist (WHY 80’s, WHY!?) and changed out the buttons. Took out the back ties and connected them to make a belt. If you’re looking for someplace to start, it doesn’t always have to be a total remake! Just learning how to detach a skirt from the bodice and reattach is easier than you might think and opens up so many possibilities ❤️

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